The cat with too many names

If you’re familiar with Youtube you may have heard of Maru; a cat in Japan with a fascination for boxes.

Below is her best moments on Youtube. If you have a fascination with funny cats on the internet (like Joe does, BIGtime. Seriously, he even has the cat piano on his iPhone) then this video is for you.

When we moved into the house and discovered that it pretty much came with a cat, Joe and I joked that we could have our very own Maru, as she rolled around all of our belongings, which just happened to be in boxes.

Eventually she became distracted with other random things such as the couch, my leftover food, and sleep – might as well have called her Garfield.

Lately though, she has finally confirmed what me and Joe had suspected. She is a Maru. This is what we were calling her in the first place until one neighbour told us her name was Lily. Then her actual owner put us straight and said she was called Pebbles. Well, I think we might revert back to Maru.

We had actually fallen out with Lily, Pebbles, Maru recently as she decided to leave ‘presents’ around our lounge and in my shoes one day not so long ago. (Translation: presents = vomit) But as she is no longer violating our floorboards and eating our food, I think it’s safe to say we are friends again.

I’ll have to get on with some more unpacking so she has plenty of boxes to play with. Aren’t we sad. 🙂

Karen x