Making a pickle out of picking paint

Our bedroom is almost complete. It will be the first room in the house to reach this momentous status of ‘being finished’.

In fact, all that we need to do now is paint the walls, and then it is simply a case of adding finishing touches such as wall art, candles, etc. Y’know, all those girly things that make a house a home.

(I know that obviously this is the wrong way around as we have just had carpet installed, but it was a surprised birthday gift, and if you know me, you will know that I don’t often like to do things normal anyway 🙂 )

It sounds fairly straightforward, and we decided early on that we wanted a green feature wall – more specifically, the green we wanted would be Dulux’s Melon Sorbet. It looks almost a bit mossy green in the tin, but we recently saw it on the lounge walls of a friend’s house and were certain it was the right colour.

Anywho, I bought the brushes and green paint a few weeks ago with the B&Q voucher the girlies at work bought me for my birthday (thanks again!)

What I bought with my B&Q birthday voucher

The other problem that has arisen is that, for some reason, I really don’t think I’m comfortable with having white walls in my bedroom. There’s just something about it that looks unfinished to me. At the moment, they are all white, as we needed to give them a base coat after being skimmed. Originally I wanted this set-up below in the bedroom, but Joe thought it was a bit too much and didn’t like the stripes. Oh well! (Men eh?) But at least it gave us inspiration for the colour.

Instead we have chosen the green as the feature wall, and a neutral colour on the others. But when I say a neutral colour, I mean anything but magnolia. We had it in the flat and when I say in the flat, I mean on every single massive wall.

Joe and I decided when we moved into the house that although we loved living in the flat, we want to make the house purposefully different, so as far as neutrals are concerned, off-whites, and creamy beiges are off-limit. That’s why we decided to go for a grey instead. But alas, it turns out there are a bajillion shades of grey available. We’ve managed to narrow it down to two Dulux shades. (By the way, I’m not sponsored by Dulux or anything. It’s just a massive coincidence that they’re the only ones I liked.)

Chic Shadow

Polished Pebble

I think I prefer Polished Pebble, especially when Chic Shadow is slightly too dark and described as “easy to live with” – it if has to be described as easy to live with, it’s probably not very easy to live with.

I’m not very good at making decisions. Neither is Joe. Nor are we fantastic at decorating so far. We just don’t have the eye for it. Joe’s sister Sam, now she has really got a designer’s eye.

Anyway, I’m going to get cracking with the green wall this week and see how I like the white ones again. Who’d have thought I could chat so much absolute nonsense about paint. I’m such a nincompoop.

Karen x

  • Special K

    Depends on how light the room is, if it’s light already, go with the darker grey, if it’s dark then go with the lighter one! Did you know they do a colour called picket fence? What the crap is that all about.

    • Thanks for the tip 🙂
      Tell me about it! I was trying to search for “grey paint” on the Homebase website, but you physically couldn’t do it. You had to search for the exact shade. How would I know of a colour called Picket Fence? The loony bins! Oh well, it’s all good fun xxx

  • laurenslovesbloguren

    I have Chic Shadow in the main bedroom and absolutely love it! It’s not too dark at all and has lovely stormy blues and purples in. I love it so much the boyfriend is having to restrain me from painting the whole house with it! xxx

  • lauren

    oops, can’t type. My blog is lauren makes a home not mkaes!

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