So….taps are interesting right?

I am generally a very forgetful person, and a tad useless in life to be honest. The only thing that gets me through the days is my monstrous, ever-growing to-do list.

Sat with terribly greasy hair yesterday, really in need of a shower after gutting the house, me & Joe decided it was time to get this bathroom job back on the go (don’t worry, I went to the gym for a shower. I’m not a that much of a hobo!)

So we decided to bite the bullet and order the taps we’ve wanted for bloody ages! And, we got them for about a third of the price that they would have been in stores such as Wickes or B&Q (yet another reason why the internet is amazing).

And there it is. They’ll be arriving this week and I’ll be a very happy clean lady. You see, once we have the taps, we can actually connect the bath and sink that we already have waiting in there. They’re just sat there looking pretty at the moment collecting dust.

This is probably the most boring blog post to anyone out there reading this, but I have done this so that one day I can re-read it and say to myself:
Gosh, what a saddo getting all excited about those blummin’ taps.

Plus, to me, getting these ordered is a sign that we may have a fitted bathroom before Christmas. SCORE!

(The fact that I am writing a blogpost about taps whilst listening to Coldplay is making me feel incredibly middle-aged. But hey, who said you have to be old to take pride in your new home. Insert big cheesy grin and thumbs up here.)

Karen x