Not a bad Halloween attempt for a Brit

We never bothered with Halloween when I was young. Sure, we did the occasional fancy dress party, and when I went to university, Halloween was always a big thing. But in terms of Halloween at home, we never did it. We had a family tradition that Halloween was a time to close the curtains, watch a great movie, and pretend we’re not home. Sounds really harsh but it was always a laugh.

Me & Joe have dressed up for Halloween the past two years, but we didn’t do anything in our flat because quite frankly, we didn’t see the point. I don’t think we’re alone here either. Just looking down our street this week and there is no-one with any decorations up. Perhaps it’s a student thing. I can’t remember seeing a Halloween-related decorated house since being at university. Anywho, I digress.

This year with the house, we’re really trying stuff out that we never did before. We’ve bought a big bowl of treats for the kids on the street just in case we get Trick/Treaters (and if no-one comes to the door, I guess will we have to eat it all. Oh no!)

And we even went and bought a pumpkin. Neither of us have done one before and we had a real laugh with it this weekend. Next year, I think we will get some more decorations and make a big deal out of it like the Americans do. I love Halloween and I think us Brits are utterly pants at it.

Here’s the adventure of our first pumpkin, which we called Pummy (just so creative). Warning: I may include an overload of images. Apologies in advance.

The “before” picture. Yes that IS Desperate Housewives in the background which Joe now loves. But that’s a story for another day…Also, the Darth Vader helmet will be what we will answer the door in.

What can I say? This is Joe

Never knew how messy pumpkins were!

I honestly have no explanation for this

….or this

Introducing Pummy the pumkin!

Our Halloween candle from Joe’s parents & a bowl of choccies for the kiddies

This is me when we were moving into the house. It’s what I’ll be wearing to open the doors to the kiddies. IF any come around.

Happy Halloween everyone.

Karen x