The Autumn/Winter home collection

I love Autumn and Winter. Mostly because I get to crack out my winter wardrobe which consists of funny hats, big coats, hockey jerseys and colourful tights.

But I also love the feel of it. Last year was miserable. Not me. I wasn’t at all miserable. I’m a lucky bunny. But the whole of winter just felt like a downer. The winter rain started in Summer so everyone was frustrated. And so many were complaining about the snow because they couldn’t travel. Well this year I’m trying to stay optimistic. So here’s a post dedicated to taking time out to appreciate what I have: a wonderful house in my favourite season.

The massive tree in the front of the house I’m sure will annoy me & Joe as the years go on, as we have to tackle the hundreds of leaves that it sheds, but for now, they just look so darn pretty, I’m happy for them to be here…for now.

The view when we look up at our front door. Our massive tree

Lily/Pebbles waiting for my outside in a pile of leaves

Joe eventually buried my whole legs in leaves, but this picture is prettier hehe

Bit of a girly moment. Even did my nails AUTUMN STYLE!

What will one day be our driveway, covered in “presents” (read: more leaves)

Joe fitting the tap in at the side of the house. With leaves as his only friends. He looks so handsome in the picture. I love it

Okay so maybe I did use Instagram to make the images a bit more Autumny (is that even a word?!) but that’s irrelevant! 🙂

With Halloween just around the corner, we’re going to carve a pumpkin this weekend for the windowsill. Hopefully some neighbours will pop round (it seems that the area has a lot of families with young children) and it will be a great opportunity to meet more of them.

I’ve bought candy and everything (check me going all American on y’all) so I’m well prepared. I’m sure I will post a picture of our first Halloween in the house, (there I am with that phrase again) with what will hopefully be a decent looking pumpkin. Watch this space…

Karen x