Houses look better with balloons

This blog is called “Well I guess this is growing up” so it would be rude of me not to mention my birthday! Especially since I am now in my *gulp* mid-20s. And because it was my first birthday in the house.
(Sorry if I get annoying with this phrase. I imagine over the next year, I’ll be doing the first of everything in the house – my first pizza in the house, first Christmas in the house, first shower in the house etc)

So today, Friday October 21st, I turned 25.
Last night, I came home from work, hoping to put my slippers on, play with the pets, and then get into something a bit snazzier to go out with Joe’s parents to a local Italian.
But I was welcomed with, balloons, banners, and a suprise…

Joe had the day off which I didn’t know. What I also didn’t know is that his parents had bought us a bedroom carpet for my birthday, and Joe had stayed in to get it fitted!

Balloons on the front door

Banners and balloons on our bedroom door

Our bedroom carpet!

The room just looks so much different/better/complete with it in there!

For some this might be a bit weird, but to put it into context, we don’t have any flooring at the moment in the house – just floorboards. Carpet in the bedroom will mean that we are able to finish at least one room in the house completely. It’s an amazing feeling.

Also, the girls in the office were really generous and got me a B&Q voucher so I’m going to use it on paint this weekend, and get this bedroom polished off over the next week or so.

It’s amazing how much birthdays change as you get older. I love pressies for the house. Joe said I might feel a bit deflated if I got housey things for my birthday as it wasn’t just for me, but I love the fact that I’ll see it every single day and I’ll be reminded of my first birthday in the house (there I go again with that phrase).

Besides, I have got some pressies just for me as well, so I’m really a very lucky girl. My mum has also offered to get me something for the house for my birthday so watch this space to see what me & Joe decide on. More pressies to come later, yippee! If you’re reading this Peter & Carol, thanks so much! I may have thought I was standing on the cat when I got up this morning (seriously, mini heart attack) but it’s the best suprise I could have asked for. And thanks to the girls at the office. I’ll let you know what your voucher was spent on. Thank you!

Karen x