A thank you to our rockstar friends

This weekend we had a visit from our good chums Sam & Dan (ullo you two!) as they hadn’t seen the house yet.

Back in the days of the flat, me & Joe would host Fajita Fridays (guys, it’s your turn now until we get a kitchen back!).
However, more often than not, we would all stuff ourselves with food, the boys would head off to the kitchen for a large amount of booze, and me & Sam would bash it out on Guitar Hero like rockstars.

So, in true rock ‘n roll style, they got us the best cheese grater I have ever seen in my life. Plus, because it’s so funky, Joe is going to have to let me have more cheese in the house (he hates cheese). YAY!

Thank you Sam & Dan. We will surely return the favour when you buy a palace of your own. Rock on mi amigos.

I *think* that is meant to be a drawing of me & Joe

Karen x