How to live without a bathroom

In case you’re not aware, this is currently the state of our bathroom in the house.
We’re in a state of “re-inventing” it and believe it or not, we really are getting there slowly but surely – obviously we felt that having a toilet was a priority. The actual bathroom suite is in the bathroom, although not plumbed in yet.
This is the to-do-list:

  • Finish lowering the ceiling
  • Install lighting.
  • Plaster the walls.
  • Buy taps.
  • Plumb in bath and sink.
  • Buy tiles.
  • Buy shower.
  • Install shower and tiles.
  • Get clean!

It seems like a pretty long list and it will take us a good few months to be able to afford each stage, but it is getting there.

These are the taps we want. JOE, REMIND ME TO ORDER THEM THIS WEEK PLEASE!

But whilst we wait to win the lottery earn the money, we still have to get clean. When I was setting up with British Gas when we moved in, the fella on the phone (Tom) asked me all of the normal questions, and he sounded genuinely confused when he asked me about our bathroom…

Tom: It is a power shower that you have?
Karen: We don’t have a separate shower. at the moment.
Tom: Okay, no problem. Is it just the bath you have or do you have a showerhead over it as well?
Karen: Nope, no bath, no shower, no showerhead. We’re currently building a bathroom.
Tom: Oh….Okay then. How do you plan on washing then?
Karen: At a friends I suppose.

(This was clearly a missed opportunity. I wish I’d have told him I was morally against washing. He might have felt sorry for me and reduced our bill.)

It’s not an easy task, showering in a sink. And words fail me when trying to describe the horror I felt when Joe caught me shaving my legs in the kitchen sink the other day (well where else am I supposed to do it!?).

We’ve had to get creative and ask for favours. Joe has mostly showered at his parents house. I have showered at my sister’s. And I have from time to time had to wash my hair in a bucket in the past. I may have to rock that one out again, although now it’s rainy season, I’m not sure whether it would be pointless or genius?

Me washing my hair in a bucket in Norway. We had no running water. It was the only way!

What worries me is that I will overstay my welcome at my sister’s and I’ll have to start showering at the gym. Since I am paying for a gym membership I can’t get out of (and don’t want to either really), I might as well make the most out of it. And hey, maybe it will give me a good incentive to get working out again (I’ve been a bit absent since all this moving stuff).

The dilemma with this is that there are lots of naked old chicks there. This is not a dig at the mature ladies out there that are keeping fit (you go girls!), but if you’ve seen the Michael McIntyre sketch about public changing rooms, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Karen x