Settling in nicely

I’m not talking about me & Joe, although we really are starting to feel like it’s our actual home now. (Yippee!)

But no, I’m talking about Lily Pebbles.

For a cat who isn’t ours, she really is a confident little buggar. I know I’ve probably posted more pictures of her than of the house on this blog, but she just makes me chuckle so much. Here’s what she’s been up to this week…

She waits for meevery morning in the front garden. Here's a view from our bedroom window. She's waiting to see me in the lounge.

Woohoooo plastic bag! (Still not sure why she loves them so much. Or why there is always a plastic bag on the floor. Oops)

She's spotted the rats. But she's yet to meet them...

I can't be sure, but I think she wants attention?

Naptime on Joe's chest whilst he's playing on the computer.

Attempting to hide in the computer desk. Nice try Pebbles!

I really love animals. And we’re lucky enough to have 3 dumbo rats and a leopard gecko at the moment.
I’ve always been more of a dog person myself, despite having had only one dog in the past, but four cats. Saying that though, it’s really making the house feel more like a home. Meow meow!

I might submit her to LOLcats.

Karen x