Firing up the weekend with a BBQ and sink-fire

If you were paying attention to the news this weekend (or the outside world in general) you probably would have noticed that the weather was a tad hotter than normal for the first weekend of October.

(October is my birthday month, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a birthday where it wasn’t chucking it down, so this really is new to me.)

That will do nicely!

After spending the last two summers living in a flat, Joe & I have really missed not having a garden. Simply because, when Joe lived at home with his parents, we would often play host to having BBQs with friends.

At the flat, me and my sister (who also lives in that building) would often go and sit outside in our designated car parking space with a nice cold cider, just to feel like we had a garden. (It sounds a bit sad but trust me, it was a common thing. We often saw neighbours sunbathing in their car space.)

What used to be our "garden"

So, needless to say, me & Joe had a lot of catching up to do in terms of garden adventures, and we weren’t going to let the fact that it was October ruin that.

Firstly, out came the sink.
When I was younger, it was a family tradition that every bonfire night we would have a bin-fire. This was mostly because my Uncle Steve and Aunty Helen (who hosted the bin–fire) had a small yard and this was the only conceivable way to have any form of fire.

Carrying on this tradition (with slight alterations) me & Joe had our first sink-fire on the Friday night. (Well, if you can think of a better way to get rid of unwanted wood and an unwanted sink, I’d love to hear it!)

Mind you don't singe your beard Joe!

Why does Pebbles always have to put her bum in my face?

Time to stick our feet up and just enjoy.

Poking the fire for fun...

Extreme close-up!

The aftermath. We 'may' have cracked the sink with heat....

And on the Saturday, we had our first BBQ at the house.
It was just lovely.
With our £3 BBQ (that I laughed at the first time I saw it because it was so teeny tiny, but now I think it’s genius!)

Look at the size difference!

Friends 🙂

Lily, oops, I mean Pebbles, visited too!

...and she stayed until after dark.

There's no food left Pebbles. You ate it all!

Luckily we now have a bit of practice for when bonfire night comes around next month. (Again, last year in the flat we just got some sparklers and headed out to the car park!)

Perhaps we won’t have another BBQ for a while since it is due to snow from next week onwards…

Until next summer then!

– Karen x