Hello Lily, if that IS your real name…

Lily waits for us every morning outside the lounge window.

Last night me & Joe met another of the neighbours (after showering at family’s houses and a quick trip to Homebase).

As per usual, when we arrived home, Lily was sat on the doorstep waiting for her dose of Whiskers nibbles and a good cuddle, as well as a play with her favourite plastic bag.
(What is it about plastic bags that she finds so exciting?!)

The neighbour who turned up at the front fence was in fact Lily’s owner, Sue, who lives 2 doors down we found out. Hooray!
We were so worried that Lily was coming to us because she was lonely. In fact, it turns out that the old woman who used to live in our house was lonely, not the cat, and she would invite Lily in every day, feed her, and get some company. D’aww.

We were also worried that if she did have an owner, we were (unintentionally) stealing their cat. Although, let’s face it, cat’s pick their owners, and me & Joe are pretty awesome.

Sue also managed to give us more info than we expected. Lily has a sister called Codi. We’d never seen Codi before last night. She was the complete opposite of Lily; skinny and very timid. Sue told us that because Lily is very territorial over our house, Codi has never dared come near us. Bless her. Luckily, Sue said that she doesn’t mind Lily being cuddled by other people (it sounds like we are not the only neighbour that she goes to when Sue is out) and that if we want to give her treats, we are more than welcome.

(Before leaving, she even asked if Lily was going to head into our house for a bit! Sounds to me like we’re heading into a joint ownership…)

So now we know that we can enjoy the fun bits about owning a cat, without having to actual worry about owning her. And to think, we were so close to just buying her a collar and calling her ours.

Oh yeah, and we discovered that her actual name is Pebbles! It’s going to be hard to stop calling her Lily…