Adventures of a scavenger

For those who have been following my blog this past month, you will have seen a fair few pictures of a cat called Lily.
(Click here if you need a reminder)

She is one of the neighbour’s cats, although we have no idea where she lives. She is super soft, super fat well fed, and so can’t possibly be a stray. However, she has been at our house every single day since getting the keys in August.

Since we officially moved in last week, she has certainly made herself at home. If she’s planning on making such regular appearances I might have to get her a flea collar. Just in case…

Oh make yourself at home Lily! She joins me in bed the first Saturday morning in the house.

Joe & Lily having a good tickle on the couch

"Helping" me unpack...

Playing hide and seek in my wardrobe

Back in bed! Lazy thing. Licking her arse where we sleep. Nice...

Running after me first thing Monday morning. Don't worry Lily, I'm just going to work. I'll be back! (And yes, that's a toilet in our front garden. But that's another story for another day...)

I’m sure there will be plenty more Lily-related posts yet to come. She’s a cheeky thing.

Karen x