Saying goodbye to renting

Me & Joe have been mega excited about getting the house for pretty much most of this year. After all, we first spotted it in February so it took us longer than average to complete the buying process. Saying that however, we will really miss the flat.

It was our first home together. We both had a birthday there. We had our first Christmas as roomies together there. We had lots of events with friends there. It was a really good first home to us. I remember when we first went to view it in January 2010. It had been chucking it down with snow and we were panicked that our wet shoes would ruin the carpet (at that point, it was a showroom flat).

What I loved about it the most, was that it was plain, modern, and I even liked the fact that it was completely empty, meaning we needed to buy furniture of our own. My absolute favourite thing about the flat was that my little sister lived upstairs meaning I could see her everyday. I will miss that the most, but it gives me a good excuse to come back often and see how the new owners/renters are treating the place.

When we left on Wednesday night, seeing it empty was really odd. I never realised how massive it was.

What was our bedroom. It was HUGE! Might not look like it here, but it was pretty monstrous.

The lounge

We’re still excited about the house more than we ever were about the flat, because we know that we will make it our own and have the freedom to decorate it how we want. We know that we will be investing money rather than throwing it away renting. We know that it will be the house where we start a family, and really make a home for ourselves. But we will always look back at Apartment 40 and think of all-nighters watching Wrestlemania, Fajita Fridays and big butch neighbours that hated us. Byebye flat. You were good to us.

Karen  x

  • Ahhh. This was sad, but in a happy way. I left our flat and was almost close to spitting on the bloody thing. We were only there for a year, in fact, not even that! A day off a year. Take that manky flat. Your flat was lovely and it will forever be a reminder of your younger days. But now your house is where family, memories and plenty more fajitas will be made instead! 🙂 xxx

    • Oh yes. You MUST come round for plenty of fajitas!!!
      Whenever I get round to building a kitchen & buying an oven…..


  • Congratulations on the move and thank you for visiting my blog!