You have mail: a Royal surprise

Ever since we got the deed to the house upon completion, I’ve been fascinated with the woman who used to live in it.

Her name was June, and she was the original owner of the house when it was built in the 1940’s. She passed away last year and so the house has been empty since. We knew that she was elderly for a number of reasons…

1. The fact that she bought it in the 40’s and only died last year was a bit of a giveaway.
2. The house was dated. As in, there was no central heating, the brickwork and walls were apparently “typical” of the 40’s (whatever that means) and the bathroom had corroded – well, quite rightly after 70 years after installation.
3. The fact that there were handle bars (or safety rails as I think they’re actually called, but I think they look like handle bars) on every other wall, gave us a clue that she was an elderly woman.

What Joe learned yesterday really made me smile. Working on the house, he met our postman and as we’re nosey and would love to know about June more (as she has so far been the only woman to live there) Joe asked what she was like.

The postman said she was “lovely” and that he “really enjoyed delivering her letter from the Queen 2 years ago“.

She was 102 years old!
I’ve never seen one of those letters. I’d love if it we find it in the loft at a later date.
Dearest June, Happy birthday innit. Love Queenie.

I really love the fact that the postman knew her and was friendly with June. I remember when my Nan passed earlier this year and although the majority of people at her funeral were family and friends, one of the biggest bunch of flowers came from her postman. I think it’s the cutest thing.

I can’t wait to find out more about her. I love history.

Karen x