The final countdown: Part 5

Today is Tuesday – 1 day before we have to be out of the flat – and the last few days have been manic. Moreso for Joe who has had the time off work to continue with the big move. But I’ve found it really stressful anyway, waiting from afar to hear any news, to hear how things are getting on. I’m a bit of a stresshead by nature anyway.

Well, Sunday was another day of manic packing. The final licks of paint went onto the main bedroom walls/door/skirting, and a first coat went onto the huge wall in the lounge. The rest of the walls in the lounge are still far too damp from the recent skimming, which means we won’t be able to get this room painted before we move in as we’d hoped. But nevermind. (Brown walls are in fashion these days right?)

After work yesterday I popped round to the house to see how Joe was getting on and I was so so chuffed with the progress. Joe’s parents were helping with a spot of painting, electrics and putting up the wardrobes,  and my uncle Steve arrived with our bathroom suite!
(I actually can’t believe we are going to have a toilet. We thought we were going to have to do without for a while but this is a huge relief! …Geddit?!)

As always, I took a few piccies of progress. Joe has loads more from the weekend and I’ll make him do a blog post when he’s less busy.

The master bedroom! Fully painted and finally with furniture! This is the spare single mattress, as our double is still at the flat to be moved last minute. We may not have carpet yet, but we've managed to fit in the bed, our bedside tables and my dresser. Chuffed to bits!

Our superduper friends Jimmy & Boozy gave us this lovely Home ornament, and Homebase vouchers as a house warming pressie. SO thoughtful. This is currently on my bedside table 🙂

Plasterboard has been added to the bathroom ceiling by my Uncle Chris. Because the old ceiling was such a state, we decided to have a lowered ceiling. Luckily the original ceiling was approximately 9 foot high anyway, so we weren't likely to have a small ceiling even after lowering it.

Looks like Joe got a bit happy with the sledgehammer again! This is where our double shower will eventually be built. You can see through to the hallway!

And there's the bathroom from the landing....OOPS! As Joe's dad says..Looking on the bright side, it could be a good way to pass through loo roll when you run out! I'm hoping it doesn't come to that...

What's left of the old bathroom in the garden. Apparently we could get some cash for those globe taps so I'm holding on to them for now.

The fire also found a new home in the back garden!


The bathroom has arrived! Look how happy Joe is!!

It's the most wonderful sink I've ever seen!

Rik and cute baby Skye came to visit! 🙂

More to follow soon. We need to have everything out of the flat and into the house by today. The countdown is over. We’re officially moving.

-Karen x