The final countdown: Part 3


Thursday I was off work, but unfortunately not in a way that I could make myself useful at the flat/house. I was off ill. *insert sad face here*
I have been feeling groggy for a while, probably from stress, and I suppose that staying up until 1am the night before packing up the wardrobe didn’t help!
However, the central heating was finally finished, and the lounge walls were finally done being skimmed, so all was not lost.
So, I decided to pop to the house and check out the progress.

Hello boiler Byebye money…

Beautiful skimmed wall. Byebye ugly old-fashioned fireplace

Lily obviously paid us a visit.

She’s a lump!!!


Probably shouldn’t have let Lily sit on my lap in my work pants…

For someone who has “no clothes” I have a lot of jackets/dresses/jerseys

Didn’t realise how many shoes I have!

Bit gutted the bathroom didn’t come on Friday (yes that’s right, we will have a loo!) but it is due to come on Monday instead. Cutting it very fine, but better late than never! Need to get moving stuff to the house now. Luckily we’ve got a few happy helpers over the weekend. To be continued…

– Karen x