The final countdown: Part 2

We have arranged for plasterers to re-do the lounge, which will take all of Wednesday and Thursday. In preparation for this, Joe bricked up the fire we no longer want on Tuesday. But beforehand, we thought it would be a good idea to leave a note behind the bricks, so that if anyone ever finds it in the future, we could say hello.

Joe's brickwork. Not too shabby

The note we hid behind the bricks.

If you can’t read my terrible writing, the note says:

Dear future humans,
The year is 2011 (13th September) & we’ve just bought this house.
We are obviously not here anymore so if you are reading this, please make sure you play lots of 80’s music (my favourite), eat lots of chinese takeaways (our favourite) and look after the cat if it’s still here.
Enjoy our house!
Karen & Joe xxx

And then on Wednesday the plasterers came…

Enough plaster?

One wall down...

Ceiling re-boarded. We weren't originally planning to do this but decided that we are only doing this room once, so we might as well do a proper job of it.

In the evening, I tested some colour samples on the bedroom wall, and – obviously – played with Lily, the our cat.

Lily off to see what all the racket in the bathroom is (Joe was bashing walls about with my Uncle Chris)



As soon as the testers are dried, we will pick a colour and get this room finished!

I was also up until about 1am packing up our wardrobe & I’m probably only about half way through. If you haven’t heard me natter on about it so far, the wardrobe is about 8 feet tall, and almost 10 feet wide. It was custom made for us, and when we bought it at the flat, took nearly a fortnight to assemble. It should be easier the second time around as we won’t take apart every draw or shelf, but the sooner we get that big boy packed up the better. Never realised how many clothes I had….

The sooner we get the main bedroom painted the better. We need to get in the house pronto.

-Karen x