The final countdown: Part 1

This time next week we need to be fully moved into the house, as our lease on the flat ends. We will actually have to start living at the house. Scary stuff. Especially when we still don’t have a kitchen, bathroom, or any flooring. But I suppose that’s half the fun eh?

Note to self: Keep up with the optimism. You are a lucky bunny to be on the painful ladder of property at all. Who needs a toilet anyway?

With no time off work this week, me & Joe will be spending every evening at the house trying to get it in a state where we can actually dump stuff in. We’ve decided that we want, at the very least, for our bedroom to be fully painted, so that we can have one room to escape to, to avoid dust and rubble.

Here’s how our final countdown is going this week.

Monday night we gave the wall it’s first base coat.

Here we go!

Good job ONE of us can reach the high bits!

Joe "stomping the spiders away"

This is all we had time for on day one....

My favourite shoes have been destroyed! Rookie error.

Painted myself as much as the walls!

Look who decided to turn up and use her new bowl!

One of the radiators in the lounge. I won't bore you with a picture of every single one, but trust me, I'm very happy they are here!

Tuesday night was time to finish the base coat and start on the second. My sister (Amy) and Hannah from work kindly popped over to give a helping hand!



Joe posing as usual 🙂

The full wall covered finally!

Looks a billion times better (and bigger!) white

Wednesday (tonight!)
Today, I need to get another white coat on the wall, decide what bathroom to order, and pick what colour we are going to paint this “master” bedroom.

Going to test these greens and greys later tonight

I'm sure my sister will want me to pick this one! (Clue is in the name)

Plenty to do. Best get cracking…

– Karen x