Bathtime = time to get dirty

After the bathroom wall came down at the weekend, the next fun job was destroying the bath. It was pretty much a holding point for rubble at this point from when we knocked down the bathroom/toilet wall (and don’t worry, we weren’t just destroying a perfectly good bath. We’re not made of money! It was fully corroding and rotting so it was doomed from the start anyway. So there!)

After carrying the rubble in buckets down the stairs to the skip (feeling a bit like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia)  Joe, his dad (Peter) and his cousin (Gary) detached the bath from the wall – which was easier said than done – and then we all got a go on the bath with a sledgehammer.

I’m gutted there’s no video of me having a go because I did a really good job (I swear!) – much better than me trying to kick the fence in anyway. Oh well, it was fun and now we are shopping for a new bathroom suite. Dead grown up!

Peter digging out some bits of bath. Where are your gloves daddio?! Safety first!

Joe all dirty after taking a sledgehammer to the bathroom.


-Karen x