Skim skimskeroo

Although the house is practically falling apart (mostly our doing to be honest. Sledgehammers are just far too fun) the walls are suprisingly in pretty good shape. Of course there is wear and tear around the place, which is to be expected when it hasn’t been touched in 70 odd years and we will touch up before we move in. But in the main bedroom, there were a few problems.

Firstly we decided that we wanted to take out the gas fire. We did this on the first day. But it means that we had to fill the gap in the wall.
Secondly, the bay above the window is part of what supports the roof, but was rotted, so this would need rebuilding and re-plastering.

Since it’s a room we spend a lot of time in (I just bloody love bed so much. Translation: lazy) we decided we would bite the bullet and have this room completely re-skimmed. And here it is!

Now all we need is a lick of paint (and one day when we win the lottery, a carpet) and we will start moving in with bedroom furniture in the next week. Exciting!

-Karen x