Demolition Man

The other day I had a great pleasure of tearing down the joining wall from our enclosed WC to the main bathroom with my cousin Gary.

Picture time before some serious business

First we had to chisel round the wall to make sure it wasnt attached to the brick out side, which luckily it wasn’t and it was just cemented in place. My dad then gave us the OK to take it down using large hammers, ( my dad felt like Thor)

Nice wallpaper.......NAT

It became very messy and hard to move around after 30 minutes of destruction.

How are we going to move this outside?

After the wall got taken down, we posted the bricks and cement slabs through a little bathroom window to the drive way outsdie ready to be put into the skip.

This is where I pull my back out putting this in the skip!

I was so glad we called the skip hire company that day after several debates with Karen suggesting we’ll takes it to the skip in a few runs in our cars. HA!

And a jobs a gooden after a good few hours cleaning, this will now be our shower enclosure after a few rejigs and the wooden toilet pan suspender is taken out.

Now time to rest with a kit kat and a drink with dad (left) Gary (cousin, right)

– Joe