The Jungle that was our garden

After almost 6 months since we had our offer accepted on the house, we are finally granted access, and in that time the garden has become pretty much like a jungle.

However, Joe’s sister (Sam) and her hubby-to-be (Andy) helped out. Well, more than helped out actually. They brought around their fancy tools (as we have nothing yet!) and gutted the garden. They ripped out everything that was dead, everything that we didn’t want, and cut and evened out the lawn ready for winter. And although it may sound like a pretty easy job at first, the garden is almost 60 feet long, and took them an entire day, over the bank holiday – and as we all know in the UK, the weather is never good on a bank holiday. It’s a rule.

It now looks like this…
(what is also funny is Sam has been trying to get into all the piccies. Gold star if you can spot her in this one…)

Flippin’ amazing! All ready for burning stuff on Bonfire night I reckon! 🙂

– Karen x