Never thought I’d be blogging about a fence…

A really nice suprise when we arrived on the Saturday morning was that some fences had already been delivered for the front garden. This was courtesy of Joe’s Aunty and Uncle (Debbie and Alan) who had already been to the house and made measurements the week before we moved in. How freakin’ cute is that! It was just an awesome moving present.
Even moreso if you look at the fence that was originally with the house. Unfortunately it was falling apart and added to the fact that the house looked abandoned – something we wanted to change quicktime. Here’s some piccies of the changeover.

Byebye original fence

Hello new fence

Joe’s Aunty Debbie, Uncle Alan, and Cousin Ryan, helping clear by the side of the house. This will eventually be a driveway.

Joe’s dad Peter knocking down some concrete posts.

My sister Amy battering the fence with a spade!

Joe’s dad (Peter) and Uncle (Alan) re-positioning the concrete posts

Ladies with the best seat in the house! (From left to right, Joe’s mum, Carol, Aunty, Debbie, and Sister, Sam)

A group shot next to the new fence panels. Why not? From left to right: Bottom: My sister Amy, me, Joe’s mum, Carol. Top: Joe’s dad Peter, Uncle Alan, Sister Sam, Aunty Debbie, Cousin Ryan.

I feel bad that Joe isn’t in many of the pictures so far. He’s been behind the camera! I will get some more of him soon for sure.

I have some videos of Joe destroying concrete slabs and me (trying) to destroy the wooden fence with a spade, but I’ll save that juicy stuff for another time.

– Karen x