Arriving at the house on Saturday morning, all ready to get cracking, at the ready with heavy-duty gloves and a trillion bin bags, we were greeted with a cute furry creature on the doorstep: a cat.
She has been following us around the house, pretending to help out (in other words, rolling around wallpaper that has been ripped off walls) and rubbing up our legs. She practically lives with us already and I think she’s just adorable.
The neighbours told us they’re not sure where she lives, but the previous owner used to feed the cat before she died. All I know is, the kitty is welcome round whenever she wants. 🙂

Here’s a few pictures of her popping up around the house over the bank holiday weekend.

“Please let me in!”

Can I keep her please!?

Who needs a guard dog when you can have a guard cat?

Bum to the face! Charming!

She blummin’ loves wallpaper


Spoiled already

Here’s the cat getting a good tickling from my sister Amy. Practically part of the family.

-Karen x