Blast from the past

We have been very fortunate that Joe’s dad, Peter, used to be an electrician. It means that quite quickly, we are able to update a lot of the fittings in the house, as well as add more sockets before we decorate (Joe loves gadgets so the more plug sockets we have, the easier life will be!).

Peter has been an absolute gem and started this already. After taking up one or two floorboards to get the job done, he has stumbled across some really old newspapers, and I’m chuffed.

I love the fact that the previous owner for some reason deemed them worthy of storing. I love the fact that it takes you back to a different time. And I love the fact that it gives us some more history about the house where we will make our own.

My favourite clipping so far has got to be this one:
Taken from the Evening News & Chronicle (can only assume this means Manchester?) on Friday, 10th January, 1969.

I really hope we find some more.

-Karen x