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When a DIY plan goes up in smoke…

Last Christmas, I felt really down in the dumps about our house. We were smack bang in the middle of renovating the kitchen. There was a hole in the back of the building. It wasn’t really what you’d call secure, and it was bloody freezing! On top of that, because the building work wasn’t yet [Read On]

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60 minute makeover: Spray Painting our Nursery Wicker Chair

Something I really wanted for our nursery is a chair. Nothing fancy really. Just a nice, comfortable chair where I could feed and soothe the baby at bedtime. Turns out this was a bit more difficult than I anticipated. You see, nursing chairs are big, and we were working to a restricted space. I didn’t [Read On]

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What We’ve Learned From 3 Years Of Plastering Work: FAQs

Plastering on the hallway started today. As of next week, when the job is expected to be complete, we will have re-plastered every single wall in this house since moving in 3 years ago. It’s taken a lot of patience. A lot of moving furniture around. And a lot of money. To be honest, that’s why it’s [Read On]

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DIY Nursery Art with Dr Seuss and Cricut Mini

When it comes to decorating a nursery, it really is easy to go a little bit nuts. I’ve found at least 25 pieces of art I’d proudly display on our baby’s bedroom wall. I’ve found quirky ways to display ultrasound scan pictures. I’ve seen wall art, stencilled letter, fabric names, shaped bunting and fairy lights. [Read On]

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The Long Awaited Kitchen Reveal: Before & After

If there is one blog post that is long overdue, this is it. And let me warn you in advance, there will be a lot of pictures. *Takes a deep breathe* Here we go… For a very long time, I didn’t have much to talk about on this blog except our kitchen. These days we’re [Read On]

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Pregnancy Update: Trimester 2

There has been a real shift in the past few weeks, and I’m not just talking about the shuffle I now have to do to try and get my pants off at the end of the day! When I first learned I was pregnant and excitedly downloaded the apps and signed up for the newsletters, [Read On]

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Our 3 Year Home Makeover & Best DIY Blog Award!

The end of August marked a whopping 3 years since Joe and I bought our little semi-detached with “character” – how we prefer to label it rather than “that house that needed a facelift.” It’s also when I started this blog as a way to document the work we’ve done on it. And I can’t [Read On]

DIY nursery chevron lampshade

DIY Chevron Lampshade for the Nursery

Whilst I’m not the craftiest of people naturally, I do like to put a bit of a personal touch around the house here and there. After all, being on a strict budget over the years has meant we’ve more often than not opted for generic furniture choices and items of necessity over style, so any [Read On]

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Guest Bedroom Update: Part 2

You know when you end a post saying “come back tomorrow” and then you’re too pregnant & forgetful to actually put the post live the next day? I think you know where I’m going with this… So here we are – albeit later than planned – with part 2 for our guest bedroom update. You [Read On]

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Guest Bedroom Update: Part 1

Over the past month or so, we’ve been putting  a lot of effort into Bedroom 2. As the label would suggest, it’s the second biggest bedroom out of our three, and whilst we could have made it a larger nursery instead of picking the box room, we made the decision that we can actually get [Read On]

ikea time travel

Decorating For Our Future Family – with #IKEAtimetravel

It’s no secret that I love Ikea. We bought a sofa bed from Ikea only a few days ago for our guest room (post to follow). We’ve been collecting storage and shelves for our nursery which I’m hoping to paint and get on the walls in the next week. (Again, post to follow!) For all [Read On]


A Stripey Nursery Wishlist

I’ve started that exciting stage now in the nursery. The furniture is in and you could certainly class the room as decorated. But now, we are looking ahead to the finishing and personal touches. It’s not something I’ve really had a proper chance to indulge in at our house. I’ve definitely done my fair share [Read On]

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Nursery Update: Furniture, Clothes & Cuddly Toys!

In one week last month, the nursery was completely transformed. The box was touched up, the carpet was fitted, the doors and windowsill were glossed, and the nursery furniture was delivered and built. It felt amazing. You can read about the carpet and the box in my last nursery update here. But the rest I’ve [Read On]


Coming Home

Hiya! Did you miss me? Whilst my updates on this blog are somewhat inconsistent – whether this is due to us waiting for payday so we can get more progress done on the house, or simply because I haven’t had chance to write an update – one or two of you may have noted that [Read On]

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A Grand Garden Makeover…well it’s a start

Joe and I are incredibly lucky in the fact that we have so many trades in the family. We’ve got builders, joiners, and plumbers. And without their help and advice I don’t think the house would still be standing if I’m being 100% honest. The latest addition to our to-do list has been to tackle [Read On]