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Moving The Nursery Radiator and a Worx Review

With radiators, it’s location, location, location. The thing about buying a house and doing it up as you go along, is that sometimes you make decisions in a hurry, only to add it back to your to-do list again in a matter of months. Before we moved in, we had a week where we could [Read On]

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Decorating At Age 10: A Fascination With The Stars

When I was younger, my fascination with the stars began. It’s an interest that I keep to this day and I’m sure some of my family will be just bored to tears of me chatting on about the importance of space exploration. I don’t know what it is about the whole thing, and I won’t [Read On]

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Drilling open a bottle of wine? Yes please!

When you’re renovating, decorating, doing household touch-ups, or just live with someone a bit messy, it’s not uncommon to find tools just everywhere in the house. I know this is our situation! Joe is such a hard worker that it’s not uncommon for him to skip the ‘tidy away the tools’ stage, and make his [Read On]

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Painting The Nursery: Blue Is Gender Neutral, Right?

It’s been almost a year now (actually can’t believe that) since Joe  got stuck in with giving “Bedroom 3” – as it was once known – the fresh slate it so desperately needed. He removed any of the rotten plaster that remained so the room went back to brickwork, and then re-boarded the room himself. [Read On]

box room 04

Putting the ‘box’ into our ‘box room’

Well, here we are. Who’d have thunk it when we moved in? The smallest room in the house – mostly referred to as Bedroom 3 on this blog, but to us, it’s the box room – which started as a junk room, then became a temporary holding space for our bathroom suite until we could [Read On]

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The New Kitchen Floor

We have a kitchen floor! Did I mention that already? I think I did. Many moons ago. But I never got around to blogging it. I feel like a broken record saying that lately. To be honest, ever since we bought the flooring (which you can read about here) we’ve had more junk stored in [Read On]

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Pantry Refresh: Destroying Concrete & More Dust

Our kitchen, like many others, has a pantry. When we were under construction, this small but invaluable room helped us to get by. On the few shelves within it, we housed the entirety of our kitchen necessities to get through the renovations – plates, glasses, dry food. Apart from one cardboard box used to store [Read On]

baby clothes

Pregnancy Update: Trimester 1

Hey you lovely lot. I’ve been a bit quiet around these parts lately due to what can only be described as excessive napping. However, there has been lots going on at the house and now that I am safely into Trimester 2, I’m working hard to play catch up! Firstly, because so many people have [Read On]


The Next Room On Our List… A NURSERY!

That’s right, after 8 years together, 1 year of marriage, almost 3 years of home ownership, and a whole lot of pretending to know what we’re talking about when it comes to DIY, our next adventure is about to begin. I am pregnant. As I’m writing this, I’m past the 12 week mark – the [Read On]

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New Neighbours & More Construction

Whilst in many ways it feels like a lifetime ago, it really is only in the last 12 months that our house has made its biggest transformation through the kitchen renovation and extension. Whilst we’ve swiftly moved onto other projects – because we have a to-do list longer than I care to acknowledge – there [Read On]

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Joe Reviews: DickiesStore Workwear

Joe is a really hard worker. He is. But if there’s one thing he’s not magnificent at, it’s keeping tidy as he goes along. (Sorry to say I’m no better either!) He’s also notorious for working on the house in his best clothes. I’ve mentioned it a few times already on here. Doing the lawn [Read On]

bedroom 3 before

Bedroom 2 & 3 Updates: Getting Plastered

This last week, we did something really exciting: we had both of our spare bedrooms plastered. It’s a pretty momentous occasion for us really, as it means we only have one room left to replaster in the whole house: the hallway & landing. And that’s a big deal. It’s an odd feeling having plastering done [Read On]

doors 05

Year of the Doors

I claimed back in January, that 2014 would mark the year of the door for us. Well, I didn’t know it at the time but within the month we were the proud new owners of internal doors to replace all of our old ones. Whilst I think there is a lot of quality in original [Read On]

fox 02

Our Zoo

There’s always been a bit of a running joke between Joe and I, that one day we will live in a zoo. To an extent, I think we’re already there. I love animals. Going to a pet store is dangerous for me because it’s a struggle not to bring someone home (although you should rescue [Read On]

gardening 03

Bank Holiday Tree Trimming – With A Twist

One of the primary reasons we have had any progress on this house over the past 2 and a bit years is due to Joe’s constant hard work. He’s so much more pro-active than me when it comes to getting stuff done and it’s one of the many many reasons I consider myself lucky to [Read On]