The Psychology of Colour: A Karen Haller Masterclass

be inspired to personalise your home in Stratford with Get Living East

It’s another masterclass over here on the blog today! A few weeks ago, I wrote about a recent London trip, when I visited the beautiful interiors store, Olive Loves Alfie, as part of the #MakeYourselfAtHome campaign with Get Living London and East Village, turning the former Athletes’ Village (y’know, from the Olympics!) into trendy urban accommodation. Read PART 1 on how to add personality through

‘Add to Basket’ – May 2016

Graham and Green Jetsons Chair

As a bit of an interiors geek, I seem to have accidentally (read: totally on purpose) found my way onto countless mailing lists, and I’m now the proud owner, much to my husband’s dismay, to a nice weighty stash of seasonal catalogues from some of my most favourite brands. (The pictures are so pretty – I can’t bring myself to bin them!) Every time I

How To Add Personality To Your Home: An Ashlyn Gibson Masterclass

Blue Lounge 07

How much would you say your home is a reflection of you? I think a lot of people would say that actually, they’ve just picked what they liked from a catalogue and not really thought about how those features represent who they are – if they do at all! Don’t feel bad, you guys – I’m certainly guilty of the same. But it turns out,

Mastering Floral Artistry with Frog Flowers (& Champagne)


This weekend, I was invited to join Frog Flowers in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. I’ve made a really conscious effort in 2016 to get out there more. Talk to other like-minded bloggers, visit events and not be so afraid to shout about this hobby of mine that is slowly but surely becoming a part of my everyday life. So when the lovely Susie from Old Fashioned Susie

Photo Diary of an Interiors Mad Northerner Let Loose in London


Earlier this month, I found myself in London. It was a gorgeous day, I was completely alone so no parenting duties to worry about. It was just me, my headphones, and my camera for snapping. And as always when I’m alone, I get snapping all sorts of bits and bobs that inspire me. I had an hour to kill before an event, so I decided to

Self-assembly Lights – Are they for you?

copper lighting 07

Flat-pack furniture; We all know the drill by now. If you buy a set of drawers from Ikea, it’s probably going to come in a long narrow box of MDF pieces, ready for you to scramble over when you get home. We’ve come to terms with it when it comes to our basics, and as an Ikea fangirl this is pretty much the norm for

A ‘Winter Favourites’ Interiors Haul

copper dishes 02

It’s the first day of Spring! Daylight savings is upon us next week, and although I’m excited for the sunnier evenings, and the evenings have been so lovely and light lately, I’m always sad to “officially” see the back of Winter. I’m such a scarf and hat kinda gal! So before it’s officially declared bikini & BBQ weather, here are a few of my favourite

Home Printing Wall Art with Epson


The bedroom gallery wall: an elusive idea that has never really amounted to much. Sure, I’ve spent hours in my favourite home décor stores looking for cute frames. I am a bit of a photoframe collector it appears. But they’ve all sat in storage for what seems like forever, and as a bit of an indecisive buggar, the wall remains vacant. Exhibit A – a

Being an Interiors Geek When You’re a Mum

Mother's Day Tulips

I am an interiors geek, but if you’re here and reading this blog, then you probably already know that. But ever since Luna came along, when I flick through my magazines or Pinterest, all I think is: “My kid would destroy that beautiful room in less than 5 minutes”. The joys of having a toddling, climbing, waddling, giggling one year old! So, in celebration of

The Ram & The Reading Nook

iconic lights ram 07

When we redesigned our lounge last year, we never anticipated that it would need to accommodate such a little bookworm! The toys, we planned for – we have a toy chest, a huge cabinet, and the classic Kallax unit from Ikea, all of which are used  in a small attempt to keep the room from turning into Toys R Us. But in reality, it’s not