Master Bedroom Summer 2015 Update with #Valspar3DChallenge

marsala bedroom 01 (2)

If you’d have asked me a few years ago what colour I’d paint my bedroom if I could choose any shade at all from the spectrum of the entire colour wheel, I would have picked…black. Yup. Dark as the night, plain old black walls. Not to everyone’s taste, granted. But they say it never goes out of style and goes with everything, so why not?

A Night Off From DIY with Margaritas & Flamingoes

cocktail 04

The sun is out! A rarity here in the North West. But ever since we bought this house, we’ve not only become one of those couples that DIY a bank holiday weekend away, but we’ve also become THAT couple who only gets excited about sunshine because it means we can likely get some outdoor cementing or painting done! I know. We’re 28 going on 48…

Tatton Mansion – Period Property Envy

Tatton Mansion 01

I love our house. I feel that this is an obvious statement since I’ve spent almost 4 years blogging about what we’ve been doing to it. But there are also days where I’m envious of others. You see, I have a real love for period properties. And don’t we all deep down? They’re just bursting with personality, and quirky little features which ooze of history.

Building Ferret Mansion: Part 2

DIY ferret hutch 23

Hey everyone! So this is part 2 of how we made a custom-built home for our ferrets. I know this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, so if you’re here for interiors-related stuff, I’ll be back in a few days with a lounge makeover, an update on our master bedroom revamp and some tropical additions to our garden! However if you want to nosey at

The Master Bedroom Makeover – Part 1

after 1

Little over a year ago, Joe decided to shake up the bedrooms in our house. We had a big clear out, and re-arranged the furniture to make the spaces look as large as possible. Our bedroom isn’t humongous, but it’s far from tiny, and we definitely got a lot more room out of shaking things up. But something just didn’t look right anymore. The green

The Kitchen Bar & DIY Wallpapered Shelves

Wallpaper kitchen shelves 04

Whilst I am pretty smitten with our kitchen in general, there is a little area which is so bland I can’t stand it: our shelving units. It’s your bog standard kitchen shelves really, intended for displaying something. ANYTHING. It’s made up of an open shelf bang in the middle of two cupboards with glass doors. The problem is, the only thing we’ve been displaying so far

Building Ferret Mansion: Part 1

DIY ferret hutch 01

Hey everyone! So here is a project which is long overdue on this blog. Last summer, Joe created from scratch a purpose-built home for our pets. It’s absolutely humongous and completely amazes me. We’ve continued to make changes since then but I think now it’s fit for sharing. If you’ve ever thought about building a shed or constructing an outside structure for any reason, I

DIY Gold & White Dip-Dye Jars

Dip dye mason jar 08

I’m in the middle of giving our bedroom a serious revamp – blog to follow! – and it wasn’t really until we had the kitchen extended that it became apparent to us just how much the little home touches matter to a room. I was recently asked by Rose & Grey, one of my fave home décor stores if I’d like a challenge; they wanted to

You Shall Not Pass! Our Home Security

home security 02

Working on a house has its glamorous moments. But if you’ve read my blog in the past, you’ll also know that it takes a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work too, to make sure it stays looking pretty. This time around I’m talking about security. Early 2014, someone took our pets. Don’t worry, they were eventually found – read about what happened here – but

A Quick Hallway Update

hallway 02

This past month, we’ve made a few additions to our beautifully bright hallway. And isn’t it always the little things that make a room shine? In my last update I showed you the paint we chose (Valspar’s Oopsy Daisy is the yellow colour in case you’re wondering) and our monochrome striped carpet on the stairs. They changed the room drastically, but apart from the decorating