Building Ferret Mansion: Part 1

DIY ferret hutch 01

Hey everyone! So here is a project which is long overdue on this blog. Last summer, Joe created from scratch a purpose-built home for our pets. It’s absolutely humongous and completely amazes me. We’ve continued to make changes since then but I think now it’s fit for sharing. If you’ve ever thought about building a shed or constructing an outside structure for any reason, I

DIY Gold & White Dip-Dye Jars

Dip dye mason jar 08

I’m in the middle of giving our bedroom a serious revamp – blog to follow! – and it wasn’t really until we had the kitchen extended that it became apparent to us just how much the little home touches matter to a room. I was recently asked by Rose & Grey, one of my fave home décor stores if I’d like a challenge; they wanted to

You Shall Not Pass! Our Home Security

home security 02

Working on a house has its glamorous moments. But if you’ve read my blog in the past, you’ll also know that it takes a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work too, to make sure it stays looking pretty. This time around I’m talking about security. Early 2014, someone took our pets. Don’t worry, they were eventually found – read about what happened here – but

A Quick Hallway Update

hallway 02

This past month, we’ve made a few additions to our beautifully bright hallway. And isn’t it always the little things that make a room shine? In my last update I showed you the paint we chose (Valspar’s Oopsy Daisy is the yellow colour in case you’re wondering) and our monochrome striped carpet on the stairs. They changed the room drastically, but apart from the decorating

My Dream Bedroom – Planning & Pinning!

Black White Bedding

The master bedroom, where do I begin? We decorated this room before even moving in a few years ago, and I use the term ‘decorating’ rather loosely because we really just needed to get it plastered and painted so that we could move into the house and have somewhere  – anywhere – to live and relax, ahead of the renovating journey we were about to

The Dining Chair Fiasco

feature wall 06

There was once a time when I knew exactly what dining chairs I wanted. And in truth, it wasn’t all that long ago. I was looking ahead to having beautiful upholstered grey chairs with a real air of luxury about them. We replaced the dining table last year – a plain white wooden extendable table – and were saving up for some chairs to complement

A Living Room Update: Part 3

lounge 02

A few months ago I posted Part 1 and Part 2 of our Living Room Updates. We’d finally covered the horrendous plaster walls with fresh white wallpaper (textured – to cover the imperfections in the plaster), we added coving and re-painted the ceiling. From here this gave us a clean slate to build on, and with only a week or so left until my due

The Kitchen Feature Wall & A Dining Room Makeover

feature wall 02

You may remember that around this time last year I painted one wall in our kitchen Smalt Blue. Here is what it looked like as a little reminder. It’s the wall which overlooks our dining table and it’s the focal point in that space. I still love the colour SO much but it’s about bloody time we added to it. Ever since that day, in

Joe Does DIY – Installing a Tumble Dryer From Scratch

tumble dryer 09

When you’ve worked long and hard for a kitchen – as we did – it can be a little disheartening to have to alter things only a year after completion. One thing we really neglected when designing ours was a tumble dryer. I never felt the need for one really, but following the birth of Luna, and the enormous amount of additional laundry we’ve got,

DIY Personalised Wall Art with eFrame

DIY wall art 10

I’ve been working on our kitchen feature wall for a while now, but only this month have we started to piece everything together. If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember a while back after a not-so-interesting trip to B&Q that I set my eyes on the Ideco Home Flaura & Fauna wallpaper with its rich blues that match our kitchen walls, but with