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Craig Rose Pantry White 03

50 Shades of Grey: Finding our kitchen colour

Okay so we didn’t try 50. But it feels that way sometimes! The floor was about to go in the kitchen at the time. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about it, and I’m certainly sick of talking about it. Can I just walk on it already? However, there is something I wanted to do [Read On]


We won Wedding of the Year 2013!

Today marks mine and Joe’s first wedding anniversary. We made it! High fives all around I can’t quite believe it’s been an entire year. It really does only feel like yesterday when I was having my hair carefully put into curls and anxiously peeking out of my suite’s window to see if Joe and his [Read On]

tiling 01

DIY Kitchen Tiles, Knives & Embarrassing Headwear

Yes, I’m back with another update on the kitchen! I will get round to a big reveal of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ soon, but I’m waiting for the floor to go in first. No-one wants to see our lame concrete floor anymore, am I right? As part of getting the kitchen complete, we had the [Read On]

Insitu Manchester 10

A Saturday Visit To Insitu Manchester

Over the weekend I visited somewhere I’ve longed to go for ages. I drive past the antique-filled windows every morning on my way to work. It’s a place called Insitu Manchester and Joe took me on Saturday for a wander around. He needed a break from DIY and we’d already done our obligatory trip to [Read On]

rob ryan plate 01

Hanging Our Rob Ryan China Plates

I’m so excited to finally share this on my blog, at long last. In April 2013, one particularly amazing wedding present Joe and I received was from one of our ushers, Boozy. It’s a set of Rob Ryan china plates, and I absolutely adore them. For a number of reasons really. 1. They look beautiful. [Read On]

metal wine rack 03

The Drunken Waiter AKA Our New Wine Rack

Joe and I are wine lovers. It’s no secret. In fact, this wasn’t always the case and I remember a time when Joe wouldn’t drink wine and there’d be more for me! Those were the days… We received a gorgeous metal wine rack a few years back as a Christmas present when we rented our [Read On]

kitchen floor 01

The Kitchen Floor: How To Get The Most Out Of Tiles

So. This is the current state of our kitchen floor. A sorry state between neglected floorboards and a slab of concrete. Time to tart it up I think. Once the kitchen units went in after Christmas, we could finally see the proper colour of our worktops and units. Remember, they’d been locked away in boxes [Read On]

craig rose smalt 07

The Smalt Blue Kitchen Wall

This weekend I did something I’ve wanted to do for ages; I gave our kitchen a blue wall. I chose the colour a few months ago and love it more than ever now it’s on the wall and not just in a tester pot in the shed. We went for Craig & Rose 1829 in [Read On]

disco3 05

DIY, Decorating & Dancing: A Disco 3 Review

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but our kitchen is finished! Along the way, it’s been messy, it’s been stressful and it’s taken time. And I tell you what, decorating and all that goes along with it can get boring. It really can. So much of it is just not what you’d find on the [Read On]

finished kitchen 02

Crack Open The Bubbly;The Kitchen Is Finished!!

Last Thursday, something monumental happened. After 6 long months of construction. After 2 years of saving and waiting, albeit a little impatiently. After a lot of money. Our kitchen is finished!!! Now, we are still picking a floor and dining table, but as far as the extension, any building work, and having our entire kitchen [Read On]

mug tree 02

15 Minute Makeover: Our Smalt Mug Tree

Just a mini project today. Nothing ground-breaking, and nothing challenging. But a nice one for me nonetheless. As we’ve been unpacking our kitchen boxes, it’s been lovely to rediscover the items we have collected over the years. Some we’ve had since we first moved in together and took that exciting young couple trip to Ikea [Read On]

kitchen wall 04

The Final Kitchen Wall & Getting Our Lounge Back

With the kitchen so close to being finished, there is one wall acting as a stark reminder of when the downstairs resembled Mars only a matter of weeks ago: these bricks leave a lot of red dust let me tell you! When our extension was built at the back of the house, it covered the [Read On]

kitchen units howdens

The Final Corner Of The Kitchen

The past few weeks, we’ve seen our haggard dungeon of a kitchen transform – with newly acquired walls, pipes and actual UNITS. But there has been one corner of the room holding the project back. It wasn’t part of the extended side of the kitchen, but well and truly part of the original house. Bang [Read On]

paint kitchen white 03

Kitchen Update: A Blank Canvas

It’s been a long time coming, but all of the walls in the kitchen are now actual walls! I’m not talking bricks. Or plaster board. The entire room has now been completely rebuilt and plastered. Okay, there is still one wall to go, but it’s the walkway between the lounge and kitchen and is currently [Read On]


My Thoughts on Interiors UK 2014

Last month I visited Interiors UK – an event dedicated to furniture and interiors. I’ve actually been before when I was a business magazine editor, in another life but after I was invited by Neville Johnson, I thought it would be super fun to go for a wander, this time as a homeowner, ready to [Read On]