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guest bedroom 03

Guest Bedroom Update: Part 1

Over the past month or so, we’ve been putting  a lot of effort into Bedroom 2. As the label would suggest, it’s the second biggest bedroom out of our three, and whilst we could have made it a larger nursery instead of picking the box room, we made the decision that we can actually get [Read On]

ikea time travel

Decorating For Our Future Family – with #IKEAtimetravel

It’s no secret that I love Ikea. We bought a sofa bed from Ikea only a few days ago for our guest room (post to follow). We’ve been collecting storage and shelves for our nursery which I’m hoping to paint and get on the walls in the next week. (Again, post to follow!) For all [Read On]


A Stripey Nursery Wishlist

I’ve started that exciting stage now in the nursery. The furniture is in and you could certainly class the room as decorated. But now, we are looking ahead to the finishing and personal touches. It’s not something I’ve really had a proper chance to indulge in at our house. I’ve definitely done my fair share [Read On]

nursery furniture 10

Nursery Update: Furniture, Clothes & Cuddly Toys!

In one week last month, the nursery was completely transformed. The box was touched up, the carpet was fitted, the doors and windowsill were glossed, and the nursery furniture was delivered and built. It felt amazing. You can read about the carpet and the box in my last nursery update here. But the rest I’ve [Read On]


Coming Home

Hiya! Did you miss me? Whilst my updates on this blog are somewhat inconsistent – whether this is due to us waiting for payday so we can get more progress done on the house, or simply because I haven’t had chance to write an update – one or two of you may have noted that [Read On]

garden makeover 03

A Grand Garden Makeover…well it’s a start

Joe and I are incredibly lucky in the fact that we have so many trades in the family. We’ve got builders, joiners, and plumbers. And without their help and advice I don’t think the house would still be standing if I’m being 100% honest. The latest addition to our to-do list has been to tackle [Read On]

nursery carpet 04

Nursery Progress: Carpet & The Box

This last month the nursery has been filled. People say how much stuff you need for a baby, but really until it’s taking over your house, it doesn’t properly sink in. So that we could get a move on, our initial focus for July was to get some flooring down and sort out the ‘box’ [Read On]

ferret playtime 04

Seeing a renovated house through the eyes of your pets

It is no secret that I’m a lover of animals. I regard our 2 rescued ferrets – Scrabble and Bramble – as family members. Read into that what you will, but when they went missing in late January, I’ve never felt such a fierce maternal instinct gush over me, and the need to find them [Read On]

hallway progress 13

Hallway Progress & Plaster-boarding lessons learned

Last September, Joe took on the challenge to remove all of the rotten plaster in the hallway and landing. If you need to refresh your memory you can read all about that here. After he’d had some success with bedroom 3 adding the plasterboard himself, and our plasterer telling him he’d actually done a pretty [Read On]

move radiator 02

Moving The Nursery Radiator and a Worx Review

With radiators, it’s location, location, location. The thing about buying a house and doing it up as you go along, is that sometimes you make decisions in a hurry, only to add it back to your to-do list again in a matter of months. Before we moved in, we had a week where we could [Read On]

star moon nursery mobile 01

Decorating At Age 10: A Fascination With The Stars

When I was younger, my fascination with the stars began. It’s an interest that I keep to this day and I’m sure some of my family will be just bored to tears of me chatting on about the importance of space exploration. I don’t know what it is about the whole thing, and I won’t [Read On]

bosch ixo

Drilling open a bottle of wine? Yes please!

When you’re renovating, decorating, doing household touch-ups, or just live with someone a bit messy, it’s not uncommon to find tools just everywhere in the house. I know this is our situation! Joe is such a hard worker that it’s not uncommon for him to skip the ‘tidy away the tools’ stage, and make his [Read On]

painting nursery 05

Painting The Nursery: Blue Is Gender Neutral, Right?

It’s been almost a year now (actually can’t believe that) since Joe  got stuck in with giving “Bedroom 3” – as it was once known – the fresh slate it so desperately needed. He removed any of the rotten plaster that remained so the room went back to brickwork, and then re-boarded the room himself. [Read On]

box room 04

Putting the ‘box’ into our ‘box room’

Well, here we are. Who’d have thunk it when we moved in? The smallest room in the house – mostly referred to as Bedroom 3 on this blog, but to us, it’s the box room – which started as a junk room, then became a temporary holding space for our bathroom suite until we could [Read On]

kitchen floor 01

The New Kitchen Floor

We have a kitchen floor! Did I mention that already? I think I did. Many moons ago. But I never got around to blogging it. I feel like a broken record saying that lately. To be honest, ever since we bought the flooring (which you can read about here) we’ve had more junk stored in [Read On]