A Lounge Makeover

Blue Lounge 06

It’s finally happened. We’ve made enough progress on our lounge this year that I’m happy to share it with the outside world. In fact, we actually gave it a dramatic change over the Summer – all those months ago! – so you might say we’re fashionably late with this one. The update started a year ago when we were preparing for Luna to be born.

The Christmas Cross-Stitch Pegboard

pegboard 06

CHRISTMAS! It’s so close I can almost taste it. And trust me I will soon enough – the mulled wine, the gingerbread lattes, the hog roast ham sandwiches from the German markets. Joe and I have decided that this year we’re going to start from scratch when it comes to our Christmas decorations. We’ve been window shopping for ages. And I mean AGES. You know

A Homeware Birthday Haul

succulent john lewis 01

It was my birthday two weeks ago and the cards have since come down. Nooooo. I don’t know whether it’s an age thing or the fact that we bought our home in our mid-20s, but the past few birthdays I’ve been so lucky to get presents which are just perfect for making this house into a home. One year we got a carpet for the

Crafting with Hillarys

hillarys crafternoon 02

A few weeks ago, I was invited to an event hosted by Hillarys – a crafternoon. It was an opportunity to come into Manchester city centre, join the brand as well as some other ace bloggers, and learn some crafts. As a working mum, it’s not often I get to indulge in afternoons entirely alone so I decided to give it a go! I really enjoy

Replacing The Garden Fence

Replace fence 09

This summer we replaced our garden fence. Yup, classic late posting from moi I know. We’ve long since packed away our summer garden gear, and this one was of the main tasks we really wanted to get done and dusted before the cold set in. Mostly because we needed the garden to be escape-proof for our ferrets before the dark nights were upon us! But

The Last Of The 20-Somethings

birthday cards

Today, I enter the last day of my 20s. Oh my gaaaawd. Now, I know that many of my dear readers are already in their 30s and probably giving me a virtual slap in the face and telling me to “pull it together, woman!” but I hope you’ll allow me to indulge in this drama for just today. You see, the prospect of turning 30

Country Baskets Haul: Vases, Faux Flowers & Geometric Cushions

Homeware haul 04

Party season is here in the Clough household! We have a lot of family birthdays on the run up to Christmas and this year we’ve got 2 more parties added to the roster, both to be hosted by me – one for my sister’s baby shower, and the other for my daughter’s first birthday. Ahhhh, babies babies everywhere! When I need party stuff, I head

A Geeky Autumnal Styling Challenge

nkuku autumn 10

Autumn is HERE. I know so many of you out there will be mourning the warmer months, but for me, it’s the cold that makes me feel all fuzzy inside. We’ve definitely got a house which lends itself better to Autumn and Winter than any other seasons. It’s slightly dark, enclosed in all the right places, and generally has a ‘snug’ feeling. The neutral pallet

Office Geometrics & Armadillo Lighting

Geometric Box Files 01

We once had big dreams for a home office. Joe owns about 3 computer towers, 2 screens, and so many other techie bits: boxes of cables, wires, spare cables, spare wires. Video to DVD converter, printer, shredder. I mean, think for a second at all the gorgeous imagery of home offices you’ve likely seen on Pinterest with crisp white walls and Eames inspired eiffel chairs.

Beautiful Bouquets for 4 Years of Blogging

debehams flowers 02

The last days of August are pretty special for Joe and I. Not only does it play host to our old anniversary – the one before we got married – with this year marking 9 lovely years of being together, it was also the week when we got the keys to our home, four years ago. And if you’re quick off the mark, you’ll also