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hallway makeover 06

A Hallway Makeover

There is something about a hallway which, I feel, pulls an entire home together. Perhaps it’s because it is the first room you’ll normally see when you enter a house, and let’s face it, first impressions count. Perhaps it’s because it’s a space which joins multiple others, so when it looks as disastrous as ours [Read On]

garden decking 20

Garden Update: DIY Timber Decking

One beautiful Autumnal day early this November, we added decking to our garden. As usual, I am using the collective “we”, when in reality I am merely the storyteller in this equation and all credit must 100% go to my husband Joe, his wonderful dad, Peter, and his brother-in-law Andy, who we wouldn’t have been [Read On]

pregnancy third trimester bump

Pregnancy Update: Trimester 3

Today, we’re taking another side-step from home renovations and bringing you an update on my pregnancy! I can’t quite believe I’m writing a Trimester 3 summary already. This pregnancy has just whizzed by. And yet, I’ve already forgotten a lot of what it felt like earlier on, so I’m really glad I took the time [Read On]


Getting my Christmas Hype On At The ‘Ideal Home Show at Christmas 2014′

If this is too early for you then I’m sorry* but this post is Christmas related, so if you’re one of these people who denies that Christmas is happening until December, please do feel free to tootle on along and I’ll catch you on my next post! I promise I won’t be offended! For those [Read On]

Yale Composite Front Door 11

The House With The Blue Door

As part of “Operation: Get The House Ready Before Baby Clough Arrives” we’ve plastered, painted, carpeted and done a lot of scrubbing, and 2014 has been a hard year of graft on this house. It won’t be finished though. Improved significantly yes, and made safe for children where some areas previously weren’t, absolutely. But as [Read On]

lounge makeover 05

A Living Room Update: Part 2

The skirting and coving have been added and replaced – respectively – and the next stage in this living room makeover includes wallpaper. (Read all about those additions in my Living Room Update: Part 1) Normally, I think I would have opted for paint, with one bold feature wall and my neutral of choice – [Read On]

coving 05

A Living Room Update: Part 1

I remember September 2011 very clearly. We had just bought our house at the tail end of the previous month and it was what a house inspector referred to as a bit of a hazard to live in. Nonsense, we thought. We spent 2 weeks “decorating” it to a standard that we deemed we could [Read On]

3 years

Blog Hop & House Tour

I’ve never done a house tour before. I’ve certainly posted my fair share of progress pictures over the years but it’s never been what I considered “picture-ready”. Actually, who am I kidding? It still isn’t. But I was recently tagged by the lovely Jude over at Making A House A Home to join in a [Read On]


Joe’s Beginner’s Guide to DIY Tools & Products

Fed up of hearing from me all the time? It’s okay. I won’t be offended. There’s another person around here who wants to have a say too, and he’s the one I talk about so often on this blog – my husband and the official DIY’er in this house – Joe. He drags me around [Read On]

kitchen reveal 03

What I’d Change About Our Kitchen Diner

Now that the kitchen is finished – structurally at least – I’ve been looking ahead to the finishing touches. I’ve got a long buying list which includes curtains, blinds, dining chairs and lighting. We’ll get around to these items in time, I’m sure. After all, add those up and they’re not the cheapest shopping list [Read On]

hallway plaster 01

Hallway Progress: Finally Plastered!

Thanks for everyone who had kind words to say about my last post on the hallway. For those who missed it, here it is! , and for my biggest fans out there (hi mum) you’ll remember that the hallway marked the final room in our house that needed re-plastering, and since we moved in the house 3 [Read On]

garden border 11

Garden Borders in 20 minutes: An EcoBorders Review

How beautiful was the weather today? I absolutely love Autumn. It’s sunny enough to put a smile on everyone’s face, but crisp and cold enough to crack out the winter wardrobe – and as someone with a huge collection of scarves and hats, I’ve been excited for this moment. So today we felt it was [Read On]

diy table 02

When a DIY plan goes up in smoke…

Last Christmas, I felt really down in the dumps about our house. We were smack bang in the middle of renovating the kitchen. There was a hole in the back of the building. It wasn’t really what you’d call secure, and it was bloody freezing! On top of that, because the building work wasn’t yet [Read On]

spray paint wicker 06

60 minute makeover: Spray Painting our Nursery Wicker Chair

Something I really wanted for our nursery is a chair. Nothing fancy really. Just a nice, comfortable chair where I could feed and soothe the baby at bedtime. Turns out this was a bit more difficult than I anticipated. You see, nursing chairs are big, and we were working to a restricted space. I didn’t [Read On]

hallway progress 12

What We’ve Learned From 3 Years Of Plastering Work: FAQs

Plastering on the hallway started today. As of next week, when the job is expected to be complete, we will have re-plastered every single wall in this house since moving in 3 years ago. It’s taken a lot of patience. A lot of moving furniture around. And a lot of money. To be honest, that’s why it’s [Read On]