How Pokemon Go helped me fall in love with Manchester all over again

Manchester Ancoats Graffiti

This week marks a month of me playing Pokemon Go. Now, I know this topic is a little different than my usual interiors binging, and yes I’m almost 30 and a self-confessed addict to the game which may make you think differently of me, but hear me out for a minute. Pokemon Go is one of the greatest ways to add positivity to your life.

Going for Gold – Inside Team GB’s Rio Home with DFS

DFS Team GB Rio Interior 02

This is a paid advertorial for DFS I don’t know if I’ve ever told my blog readers this before… but I was kind of an athlete when I was younger. And when I say kind of, I’m actually being quite modest. I excelled at most sports and some of my oldest school friends to this day still sometimes refer to me as “the fastest girl

Summer Favourites Homeware Haul

stripey bedding

I don’t buy much for the house really in the grand scheme of things. I want to. Trust me. That’s why I started my Add To Basket feature on this blog, because I window shop A LOT. So when I do go out and buy homeware, it’s because I just can’t NOT have it. I’ve done a few haul posts before and got some requests

30 Minute Makeover: Lilac Garden Planters

Valspar Dusty Lilac Garden 06

This summer was supposed to be “the” summer for our garden. We had big plans to resurface our uneven lawn and build a kiddy corner for Luna, who absolutely loves to be outdoors. Sadly, it’s been a bit of a washout. It hasn’t kept us from getting out and about, but it’s certainly hindered our garden plans a little. What we have achieved though has

3 Alternative Ways to Display A Mini Glass Greenhouse

Glasshouse display 02

Where would you say is your favourite place for displaying home décor? I bet a lot of you make the most of a fireplace, or perhaps a quirky alcove. Or a nook and cranny where your walls hide the hidden house structure. Well, we don’t have any of these sadly! No fireplaces. No alcoves. Not even any side tables – they seem like an accident

Add to Basket – July 2016

Concrete Lamp 03

I’m back with another in my Add to Basket series – where I make a lust list from one of my favourite interiors brands. I can’t buy everything they release – as much as I’d want to! – so I might as well share the cream of the crop with my lovely readers in case it’s your cup of tea too. And hey, it’s nearly

Taking Back The Summer & Discovering Domu

Domu Summer 01

Finally Summer has arrived!  Sure, it’s muggy, and we’re expecting a thunderstorm any minute now, but it’s most certainly the most tropical it’s felt all year. Speaking of which, on one particularly nondescript Wednesday evening in June, I was invited to a #TakeBackTheSummer event hosted by the brand, Domu. Always up for a catchup with some of the North’s finest bloggers, I popped my brolly in

Need Interiors Inspo? Put the Kettle On…

Interiors BLoggers

Interiors bloggers. Design junkies. However, you want to label them, over the years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve come  across some seriously lovely ladies. They come from all walks of life, work to varying budgets, have different tastes and experiences, and all kinds of spaces to decorate. And one of the things they have in common is that they take great pride in what they

Photo Diary: Clerkenwell Design Week


I’ve been at it again! Out and about in London ready to get snap happy. This time, I visited Clerkenwell Design Week which ran in May. It’s home to more creatives and architects per square mile than anywhere else on the planet (according to the event) so as a bit of a design geek, I couldn’t well turn down a visit! It’s odd. Many years

The Grand Opening of Rose & Grey’s Manchester Showroom

Rose and Grey Showroom 10

If you haven’t heard of Rose & Grey before, and you live in the Manchester area, you’re in for a treat. And I feel like I can genuinely say that because in my eyes, it’s quite simply one of those boutiques that has most definitely got something for everyone. I wrote a post recently about some interiors stores I visited in London, and how much